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Rubber vulcanizer

  • Automaticl Plate Vulcanizer
Automaticl Plate Vulcanizer

Automaticl Plate Vulcanizer

1. Plate vulcanizer can go up and down automatically as well as air release. Curing time counting, giving an alarm when        curing completed and die open meanwhile ,it can improve production efficiency.
2. The parameters of curing time, times of air release, air release can be easily set, machine equipped with auto pressure     supply function .
3. Electric system adopts PLC control, convenient, accurate and correct

Model XLB-D/Q 450×450×2 XLB-D/Q 600×600×2
Nominal mould clamping force (MN) 1.0 1.0
Plate size 450×450 600×600
Plate clearance (mm) 150 150
Number of working layer 2 (3) 2 ( 3 )
Stroke of piston (mm) 300 300
Unit area pressure of hot plate (Mpa) 2.8 2.5
Power of main motor(KW) 2.2 3
Overall size (L×W×H)(mm) 2410×680×1750 2900×950×1750
Weight(kg) 2500 2600